Webinar: Sensory Analysis in Food Product Development

Sensory analysis in food product development is a key consideration to make sure your product is appealing to your customers.

Smell, sound, texture, appearance, as well as taste, can all have a dramatic impact on how appealing your product is. Flavour is, of course, the most crucial aspect, but don’t underestimate the importance of the whole range of sensory qualities have on the selection, experience and enjoyment of your product.

Does it look fresh and appealing? Does the product smell pleasant on the way to the mouth? Is the texture or ‘mouth feel’ adding to the experience? This webinar covers:

  • The impact of sensory elements on your product
  • Overview of the principles and science that underpins sensory analysis
  • Practicalities of developing for sensory characteristics
  • The basic tastes and aromas we work with
  • Methods of sensory evaluation and sensory profiling

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