Hi, I’m Melanie Loades. I founded Froghop to give product developers access to the skills, processes and experience they need to turn their ideas and prototypes into finished products. I have 20 years experience in the food and drink industry and have helped take hundreds of products to market. The Froghop team are approachable and enthusiastic and will offer you creative solutions to help create unique products.

To learn more about Froghop, watch this intro video or visit the What We Do section. If you have any questions or want to discuss your product, please contact us.

Melanie Loades talks to The Grocer about Clean Label

The Grocer takes a closer look at ‘Clean Label’ product development

Posted by Froghop on 12 December 2018

Froghop’s founder, Melanie Loades, was recently interviewed by The Grocer magazine for a piece on the trend towards Clean Label product development. Here’s a summary of the article and a recap on what it all means. So what is Clean Label? In 2008, journalist and activist, Michael Pollan wrote the New York Times bestseller ‘In […]

Waitrose Food and Drink Report 2018-19: the rise of the mindful consumer

Waitrose Food and Drink Report: the rise of the mindful consumer

Posted by Stephen Morris on 30 November 2018

Mindfulness of our wellbeing and environment is having a huge influence on the way we shop and eat, according to the Waitrose Food and Drink Report 2018-19.

Using medical marijuana in food products - CBD

Using cannabis in food products

Posted by Froghop on 31 October 2018

The number of CBD consumers doubled in the last year. What is it, is it legal and how are people using cannabis in food products?