Hi, I’m Melanie Loades. I founded Froghop to give producers, product developers, food and drink businesses and startups access to the skills, processes and experience they need to turn their ideas and prototypes into finished products.

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I have over 20 years experience in the food and drink industry and have helped take hundreds of products to market. The Froghop team are approachable and enthusiastic, and we offer creative solutions to help you create innovative food and drink products.

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Government nutrition guidelines, healthy eating and product development

Posted by froghop.co.uk on 11 April 2021

As more and more effort is put on healthy eating, producers need to be aware of government nutrition guidelines and what they mean.

Exploring sustainable packaging options for food and drink products

Posted by Froghop on 26 February 2021

Packaging expert Katie Roselaar joined us in the Online Product Development Kitchen session with a wealth of tips for sourcing and selecting the right sustainable packaging options for your products. Packaging has a massive impact on food and drink products. Not only does it play a fundamental role in the stability of a product, it’s […]

Join us for Bread & Jam’s Plant-Based Summit on March 31st

Posted by Stephen Morris on 24 February 2021

Bread & Jam hosts its first plant-based summit for vegan challenger brands, industry experts, retailers and investors – and sponsored by Froghop – on March 31st.