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Froghop was founded by Melanie ‘Mel’ Loades in 2014, building on her 20+ years of experience in the food and drink industry. She developed an approach to new product development that delivers innovative, effective products, and Froghop has helped take hundreds of products to market. Sadly, Mel passed away in September 2022. We miss her passion, energy and sense of fun every day. The Froghop team continues to follow her approach and build on the foundations she left. Froghop provides food businesses with the skills, processes and experience to turn ideas into prototypes and successful products.

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In the Resources section, you’ll find videos and downloadable documents to help you navigate the food and drink product development process. To learn more about Froghop, watch our intro video or visit the What We Do section.

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Consumer testing food products and ideas

Why consumer testing food products and ideas is key

Posted by Stephen Morris on 29 May 2024

Consumer testing food products and ideas is crucial to your product development journey, yet it’s often overlooked. Find out more.

Intellectual property right in the food industry

Intellectual property rights in the food industry

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There are different types of intellectual property rights in the food industry that you need to be familiar with to protect your business.

Froghop Food Founders Interviews Podcast

Essential advice from food founders

Posted by Stephen Morris on 29 March 2024

Starting a business can be a leap into the blue. Wouldn’t it be great to get advice from food founders who’ve done it already?