Hi, I’m Melanie Loades. I founded Froghop to give producers, product developers, and food and drink businesses access to the skills, processes and experience they need to turn their ideas and prototypes into finished products. I have over 20 years experience in the food and drink industry and have helped take hundreds of products to market. The Froghop team are approachable and enthusiastic, and we offer creative solutions to help you create unique products.

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Scaling up food and beverage production

Scaling up food and beverage production

Posted by froghop.co.uk on 27 August 2020

When you’ve established your product and a customer base, it’s probably time to think about scaling up food and beverage production.

Shelf life validation scientist

Shelf life validation: what you need to know

Posted by froghop.co.uk on 30 July 2020

Shelf life validation is a crucial step in product development. Find out everything you need to know as a food or drink producer.

Claiming R&D Tax Credits for food businesses

Posted by Melanie Loades on 30 June 2020

As a product developer, it’s well worth looking at claiming R&D Tax Credits for food businesses. Find out what’s involved.