Hi, I’m Melanie Loades. I founded Froghop to give product developers access to the skills, processes and experience they need to turn their ideas and prototypes into finished products. I have 20 years experience in the food and drink industry and have helped take hundreds of products to market. The Froghop team are approachable and enthusiastic and will offer you creative solutions to help create unique products.

To learn more about Froghop, watch this intro video or visit the What We Do section. If you have any questions or want to discuss your product, you can book an initial, free-of-charge consultation or use the contact form.

How to find the right manufacturer for your drink product

Posted by froghop.co.uk on 31 May 2020

Got a beverage recipe and ready to scale-up production? Let us help you find the right manufacturer for your drink product with our downloadable guide.

Virtual food events 2020

Virtual food events: making the most of lockdown

Posted by froghop.co.uk on 7 May 2020

Coronavirus has meant the postponement of many food industry events, but it has led to a number of virtual food events and opportunities for producers.

Great side hustle ideas - food and drink businesses

Why food (or drink) businesses are great side hustle ideas

Posted by froghop.co.uk on 20 April 2020

Food and drink business make a great side hustle. Read on to find out what a side hustle is and how you can get started.