Accelerating food product development in lockdown

Whether the focus is getting your first product out there, commercialising an existing prototype or extending your range, there are plenty of ways to use lockdown to move forward at pace.

A second lockdown is, of course, going to be challenging for everyone. At Froghop, we’ll be reverting to our lockdown procedures of one-in, one-out in the development kitchen. However, we’ll be providing our full range of services, delivered remotely, helping you continue – or even accelerate – your product development.

The Froghop team is now well-versed with running consultations, tasting sessions and other meetings via Zoom. If you’d like to discuss your product and how you can progress it, book a call. Or you can watch our latest Online Product Development Kitchen video, where Mel outlined six ways you can start accelerating food product development in lockdown.

Webinar: Watch for tips, ideas, links and resources

In the video, Mel looks at the following areas and provides a number of links to resources and information, which are listed below for you.

  • Clarify your idea and formulate a plan – research, requirements, claims, targeting and so on
  • Create a prototype – get it ready for testing with potential customers
  • Establish the feasibility of your idea – determine shelf-life, costings, manufacturing route and more
  • Get your documentation ready – including specification, label information and claims wording
  • Start marketing your product – establish your brand, build a following and grow an email list
  • Do some training – three courses to give producers a solid foundation in food and drink development

Accelerating food product development in lockdown

Links and resources

Clarifying your idea
Formulate a plan
Three essential training courses
More resources
If you want to discuss how our remote product development services can help you move your product forward, contact us today.