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Allergies in babies - Grow With Iris' plant-based, free-from growing milk

Allergies in babies: Creating an alternative to cow’s milk

Posted by Froghop on 1 November 2023

Allergies in babies can be hard to manage and treat. Grow with Iris founder Amy Langfield faced this challenge when her daughter was born.

Environmental Health inspection - EHO

Environmental Health inspections: What to expect

Posted by on 3 July 2023

If you own a food business, you need to be ready for an Environmental Health inspection. What do EHOs look for?

Food Safety for selling direct

Food safety for direct-to-consumer sellers

Posted by Stephen Morris on 29 August 2022

D2C has grown in the last few years but how do you ensure quality and safety? Find out about food safety for direct-to-consumer sellers.

Due diligence for food safety

Posted by Melanie Loades on 23 December 2020

Conducting due diligence for food safety is obviously crucial. Let us outline the areas and information you need to cover.

When Food Goes Bad: Shelf Life Testing Horror Stories

Posted by Melanie Loades on 15 October 2020

Watch our webinar on how to market a new food product. Hints, tips and ideas to get you started with branding, naming, promotion and more.

Shelf life validation scientist

Shelf life validation: what you need to know

Posted by Froghop on 30 July 2020

Shelf life validation is a crucial step in product development. Find out everything you need to know as a food or drink producer.

What you need to know and do about allergens and food production

Posted by Froghop on 31 July 2018

Around 1.5m in the UK suffer from food allergies. What should food businesses be aware of and how should they manage allergens and food production.

10 foods banned in other countries

10 surprising foods banned in other countries

Posted by Froghop on 30 November 2016

You need to be aware of prohibited ingredients when creating your recipes. Sometimes the list of foods banned in other countries can be quite surprising.

What is HACCP and how does it affect start-up food producers?

What is HACCP and how does it impact start-up food producers?

Posted by Melanie Loades on 26 November 2015

Start-up producers often ask ‘What is HACCP?’ and are intimidated by it. In this blog we explain HACCP and offer some recommendations for dealing with it.