How to market a new food product (free webinar)

It’s never too early to start thinking about marketing. Recently, we were joined on the weekly Online Product Development Kitchen session by Jo Densley from Relish Food Marketing to get the lowdown on how to market a new food product.

It’s thirty minutes packed with insights, examples and tips. You can watch the recording again here.

Get your product known by customers

Even when you’re still at the development stage, it really helps to know what’s involved and what you need to be doing to get your product in front of potential customers. We were joined by Jo Densley, founder of Relish Food Marketing who we work with regularly. She covered the marketing tasks you need to get to grips with as a producer. From positioning, naming and branding, to market research, promotion and advertising. Jo packed a host of insights, experiences and recommendations into the 30 minute session.

How to market a new food product - webinar recording

Actionable tips, tricks and ideas

Jo spent 15 years in food businesses before launching Relish seven years ago. She’s helped launch hundreds of products and has lots of experience selling into retail. Watch this free webinar recording to get actionable tips and ideas, so you’ll be ready to plan and execute the marketing your food business and products need.

  • Creating and communicating a unique position for your product
  • How to give your product a winning name
  • The importance of branding and how to make yours stand out
  • Types of market research and how you can do it on a budget
  • Developing a marketing plan – what to include and what to prioritise
  • Typical timings and costs
You can watch the recording again here. If there’s a topic you’d like to see in a future session, just let us know.