Developing around HFSS and the nutrient profiling model

All about developing around HFSS (products high in fat, sugar and salt).

You’re probably familiar with the government’s efforts to tackle obesity. From “five-a-day” to “traffic light” labelling and the “sugar tax“, there have been attempts to encourage and inform consumers, as well as to regulate producers and retailers.

In the video, we look at developing around HFSS, which is a nutrient profiling model that has been used to regulate advertising to children for over ten years. It’s likely that this type of model will be used across more and more categories in the future. The webinar covers:

  • The government’s strategy and actions on obesity
  • Why it matters and what might happen
  • How the nutrient profiling model works
  • Product development in the context of HFSS
  • Reformulating products to meet the standard

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