Developing Organic products

What does developing Organic products mean for NPD? And should you go for it?

Developing Organic products - Soil Association Organic StandardGetting Organic certification can make your product stand out in terms of its quality, healthiness and provenance. According to the Soil Association’s 2020 report, the UK organic market grew by 4.5% to £2.45bn, with sales of organic poultry and eggs increasing by 12%. Consumers concerned about chemicals, pesticides and fertilisers in their food and drink are driving this change. Watch the recording to find out what’s involved when developing Organic products:

  • What is an organic product?
  • How are demands changing?
  • What do people think about organic products?
  • Labelling, certification, and vetting
  • Ingredients, manufacturing, and development
  • Nutrient content, contaminants
  • Should you ‘go organic’?

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