Froghop’s Online Product Development Kitchen

26 March 2020

The current situation has made me think about how we can enhance the remote working experience – for both clients and the Froghop team. To make a start on this and offer some help and support to you and your business, I’m going to be holding a weekly session on Zoom – the Froghop Online Product Development Kitchen – and you’re invited.

Each session will have a topic that I’ll share some thoughts and ideas about, but it’s also an opportunity to ask questions. If you’re looking at how you adjust your own operations, or taking the chance to look at ideas for new products or variants, we’re available to help. We’re already talking to several clients about adapting their product or process to work better via mail-order, for example. Similarly, we’re helping someone else maximise the value and nutrition offered by their products.

Every Friday at 10am

Zoom logoThey’re going to be at 10am on Fridays, starting this Friday (March 27th). It’ll last for 30 minutes and we’re going to start on Zoom which will accommodate up to 100 participants. You can download and use Zoom free (if you aren’t already), just sign-up at zoom.us.

The important details

Are you coming?
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I hope to see you there.