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Product shelf life, safety and quality

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Product shelf life, safety and quality (Feb 2022)

Product shelf life is something every producer needs to take very seriously. However, it needn’t be stressful.

Natasha's Law and food businesses

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Natasha’s Law, PPDS food and allergens

All about the UK Food Information Amendment – aka Natasha’s Law – PPDS food and allergen management.

Webinar Recording: Dealing with food incidents, traceability and product recalls

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Food incidents, traceability and product recall

Being ready for dealing with food incidents, traceability and product recalls is vital for food businesses.

Due Diligence Checklist for food businesses

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Due Diligence Checklist

At some point, you’ll need provide specific details about your product. Use this checklist to get prepared.

Video - allergens and food product development

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Allergens and food product development

Get the lowdown on how to manage allergens when developing food and drink products.

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Is Your Product Legal?

Whatever stage you’re at, you need to be confident that your product doesn’t break any laws or regulations.

Shelf-Life 101 Webinar

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Shelf-Life 101

Find out all about shelf-life and how to run your product development process to achieve the right result.

Shelf-Life Testing Checklist

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Shelf-Life Testing

Make sure you’re prepared and informed to get the right testing for your product.

Checklist: Food and drink product labels

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Food and drink product labels

Helps you understand what you could, must and should include in your product labels.

Product development batch sheet

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Product development batch sheet

Use this Batch Sheet to help you structure and manage your product development process.