Food product development guides, videos and resources

Protecting ideas and IP for food businesses = Potter Clarkson

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Protecting your ideas and intellectual property

What can you do to protect your business, create assets and defend your competitive advantage?


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Information and your food business

Find out getting to grips with your information helps grow, protect and optimise your food business.

Food Photography 101 with Emma Dunham

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Mastering Food Photography

Quality images of food and drink sell products. Get the lowdown on food photography to sell your products.

All about Foodservice

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All about the opportunity in foodservice

Foodservice could be an excellent route to market for your products. Find out all about this £69bn sector.

Scaling up a food business - Crossing the Chasm

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Crossing the Chasm: The secrets of scaling up

Want to be stocked in supermarkets? Find out five keys steps to scaling up a food business.

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What Supermarkets Want from Food Businesses

Getting into retail is vital to scaling-up. But do you know what supermarkets want from food businesses?

Drinks Trends 2023 and NPD

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Drinks Trends 2023

A deep dive into the current drinks trends and how they might impact your new product development.

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Turning Your Idea Into a Product

Turning your idea into a product involves successfully navigating the new product development process.

Cost of living crisis shopper trends with Tessa Stuart

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The cost-of-living crisis and shoppers

How are consumers responding to the cost-of-living crisis when they go shopping? With Tessa Stuart.

Food Product Viability

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Is Your Product Idea Viable?

Whether range extension or first product, getting a handle on product viability is essential.