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Cost of living crisis shopper trends with Tessa Stuart

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The cost-of-living crisis and shoppers

How are consumers responding to the cost-of-living crisis when they go shopping? With Tessa Stuart.

Food Product Viability

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Is Your Product Idea Viable?

Whether range extension or first product, getting a handle on product viability is essential.

Food Product Costings and Inflation

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Product Costings and Inflation

Getting a grip on product commercials is crucial – especially when prices and costs are rising.

Food Safety for D2C Selling

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Food Safety and quality for D2C Sellers

What you need to know and do about food safety when you’re sending product direct to customers

Selling to farmshops, delis and independent retailers

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Selling to farmshops, delis and independents

Marcus Carter explains what you need to know about selling to independent retailers.

Finding buyers, manufacturers and other suppliers

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Finding buyers, manufacturers and suppliers

When finding buyers, manufacturers and suppliers, having detailed data is essential.

How to make your food product stand out on-shelf - with Tessa Stuart

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How to make your product stand out on-shelf

Hear from Tessa Stuart how to get your product noticed, picked up and put in shoppers’ baskets.

Innovation and food product development

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Innovation and food product development

Innovation in product development is about finding new opportunities and giving you an edge.

Funding options for food businesses with Addition Finance

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Funding options for food businesses

Funding can help accelerate your business, but what are your options and what’s involved?


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Food Trade Events 2022 List

Froghop’s calendar of food trade events 2022 to help product development and beyond.