Food product development guides, videos and resources

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Food Flavours 101

Using flavours in food products (and drinks) can give them a real boost. Get the lowdown on food flavours.

Creating a due diligence folder for your food business

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Creating a due diligence folder

Your EHO, retailers, customers, even the ASA, might want to see information from your due diligence folder.

Beverage product development and prototyping

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Beverage product development and prototyping

Watch as we run through the process and create a new drink – right before your eyes!

Food industry trends video

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The big food industry trends that will shape NPD

This session looks at the trends that will impact on expectations, demand and viability.

Creating a physical food product prototype

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How to create a food product prototype

Ready to establish the feasibility of your idea and get valuable feedback from others?

Accelerating product development in lockdown

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Accelerating your development in lockdown

There are many ways to use lockdown to move your product forward. Watch for ideas, links and resources.

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Working with a manufacturer

What happens when it’s time to start working with a manufacturer?

Lexi's Treats - developing and launching a new product "with a small budget and no team"

Food Founders Interview
Launching “with a small budget and no team”

The founder of Lexi’s Treats shares his experience and tips for developing and launching a new product.

Marketing New Food Products with Jo Densley

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Marketing new food products

Get the lowdown on marketing new food products with guest presenter Jo Densley.

Reformulating sugar content for healthier products

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Reformulating Sugar Content for Healthier Products

Reformulating sugar content isn’t just about regulation, health benefits are big differentiators.