Food product development guides, videos and resources

Video: Using functional ingredients in drink products

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Using functional ingredients in drinks

Many consumers are choosing products for their functional benefits. What does that mean for you?

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Navigating product development

Key steps, tips and insights to help you make the development process effective, repeatable and successful.

Video - allergens and food product development

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Allergens and food product development

Get the lowdown on how to manage allergens when developing food and drink products.

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Is Your Product Legal?

Whatever stage you’re at, you need to be confident that your product doesn’t break any laws or regulations.

Scaling-up production and finding the right manufacturer

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Scaling-up & finding the right manufacturer

It’s one of the most crucial stages for food and drink businesses. Find out how to navigate the process.

Shelf-Life 101 Webinar

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Shelf-Life 101

Find out all about shelf-life and how to run your product development process to achieve the right result.

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Choosing the right packaging for your product

Packaging can often be crucial to the shelf-life and appeal of your product. Find out more.

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Product Claims 101

Find out all about product claims and what you can (and can’t) say about your product

Shelf-Life Testing Checklist

Shelf-Life Testing

Make sure you’re prepared and informed to get the right testing for your product.

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From make-at-home to commercial kitchen

Find out what’s involved in the step up from making at home to a commercial kitchen.