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Webinar: Testing for food and drink products

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What you need to test your product for

Before your product is finally ready, there’s a number of things you need to for – and not just shelf-life and safety.

Raising your sustainability profile as a food or drink business

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Raising your sustainability profile

All about raising your sustainability profile, making it a focus in your products and your business.

Developing around HFSS and the nutrient profiling model

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Developing around HFSS regulations

All about HFSS, a nutrient profiling model used to regulate advertising to children, that may be rolled-out further.

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Sales Strategy for your food business

From exploring the options, to drafting a hitlist and setting your targets, a clear strategy will help you grow.

Food packaging - selecting and sourcing packaging that gives you an edge

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Selecting and sourcing the right food packaging

Food packaging has a massive impact on your product, so how do you select and source the right packaging.

Packaging supplier checklist

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Packaging supplier sourcing and selection

Katie from InnovateToZero shared this checklist in her session on sourcing the right product packaging.

Food Founders Interview with Marieke Syed, Snackzilla

Food Founders Interviews
Developing healthier snacks for children

Snackzilla’s Marieke Syed talks about starting her business and developing healthier snacks for children.

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How to make your product idea reality

This webinar outlines what you need to do to get started, build momentum and make your product idea reality.

Taking the plunge: How to start a food business

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Taking the Plunge: How to start a food business

How get started on making your first – or your next – product idea a reality.

Due Diligence Checklist for food businesses

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Due Diligence Checklist

At some point, you’ll need provide specific details about your product. Use this checklist to get prepared.