What we loved at Lunch! 2018

27 September 2018

Lunch is one of the buzz-iest shows in the food calendar. Focusing on food-on-the-go, it’s a great way to see innovative products, catch up with clients and sample a wide range of products. Here are some of the products we particularly liked at Lunch 2018.


Boundless nuts and seeds are soaked to activate germination which releases more nutrients and enzymes. They then add some interesting punchy flavours – including cayenne and rosemary; orange, ginger and maple; and tamari and aleppo – to create a super tasty snack. My 10 year old demolished the samples I was given!

www.weareboundless.co.uk / @eatboundless


Big chocolate truffle treats that really don’t look healthy but they’ve cleverly packed them with a tasty protein based filling and smothered them in chocolate. What’s not to like!


The first drink in the uk to use Guayusa leaf, delivering a really tasty and refreshing natural energy drink with low sugar and natural antioxidants. Guayusa is actually the second-most caffeinated plant on the planet and contains twice the antioxidants of green tea. The company give 10% of their profits to conservation projects in the Amazon where the plant is grown.

www.yusadrinks.com / @yusadrinks


A more-ish, crunchy little puffed coconut snack that’s full of flavour, gluten-free and vegan-friendly. Available in 3 flavours, the Thai chilli version was particularly yummy and only 115 calories per serving, and the Crunchy Coconut Bites were great too. Already stocked at Whole Foods, Tesco, Co-Op, Sainsbury’s and more.

www.apesnacks.com / @apesnacks


Is it a yogurt, is it a bar? Its both and it actually launched at Lunch! 2018. A quark-based snack bar, high in protein and with 150 Kcal per bar, Yaar comes from Norway. They’re kept in the fridge for snack times. They feel like an indulgent treat with their chocolate coating and flavoured filling through the centre.


Mushroom Chips

A ‘go-to’ choice for healthy snacking, these crispy, crunchy mushroom snacks were delicious. They have a really great savoury taste with good flavours coming through. They’re vacuum dry fried so low in fat yet maintaining a wide variety of the micronutrients present in mushrooms. Available to buy direct from the Other Foods website.



It’s bread made with veg! A totally gluten-free loaf packed with seeds, vegetables and plant-based protein. This was really tasty toasted creating a nutty, crunchy alternative to bread with all of the benefits of using veg. Great product! We loved this one.

www.vegbred.com / @vegbred


A really refreshing high protein drink which isn’t chalky, milky, or thick and gloopy. By using a water soluble protein they have managed to produce three great flavours that are sugar-free, dairy-free, fat-free and deliver 20g of protein per serving. Nice, fresh packaging design too.

www.drink-vieve.com / @drinkvieve

Nuttin’ But

A fruit and nut crush drink that’s the first in the UK to offer a cashew nut based drink with bio cultures for boosting gut health. Every cold-pressed bottle delivers one billion bio cultures and is also one of your five-a-day.


We’re already looking forward to the next food event – let us know if you’re at Bread & Jam in October, it’d be great to catch-up there.