A food product development day helps you get your product ready for testing and production. It’s an intensive day where we work iteratively on a recipe to achieve a finished batch – or batches.

Why have a development day?

Whether you simply want to make sure your product is ready for scaling-up for manufacturing or you need samples to take to an event, show or pitch, you’ll get real value from a development day. We always recommend that clients are present. It’s a great opportunity for high-bandwidth discussions about taste, texture, ingredients, shelf life, claims, process, label information and more. It also means decisions can be taken quickly.

What happens on the day?

We kick off nice and early with everything we need ready for us. A typical day runs from 9am to 5pm. Depending on your specific recipe, we’ll be able to deliver up to 4 product variants in the day.

We’ll start by making a batch and tasting it. We’ll adjust the recipe several times over the course of the day to get to a product that we’re all happy with. It’s also a chance for the client to ask questions of the Froghop team about the commercialisation of your recipe.

Are you ready for a development day?

The main requirement is that you have a recipe that is ready to be prepared for commercial production. Perhaps you’ve created some ‘kitchen table’ prototypes but they aren’t giving you the shelf life that you need?

Now you need to finalise the taste, nutritional profile, shelf life and process ready for commercial production. Contact Froghop now to discuss your recipe and what you can achieve in a food product development day.

Preparation for the day

  • Froghop to sign your non-disclosure agreement (NDA) if appropriate
  • How many recipes do you have and what are they?
  • Source your ingredients and packaging (Froghop can do this at cost if you prefer)
  • Froghop will generate a nutritional profile and list of required product claims (as appropriate)
  • Confirm a date for the food product development day
  • Confirm your target storage method (chilled, frozen, ambient), serving size and production method
  • Will you need samples for shelf life and/or safety checking (microbiology)? If so, we will ensure that a small number of additional samples are produced on the day

What happens on the day

The Froghop team will work with you to finalise your recipes and methods ready for scale-up to manufacturing. Of course, the number of recipes is we can cover in one day depends on preparation method – contact us for a conversation and a proposal based on your specific requirements.

What do you get?

  • Final samples to take away with you for tasting and/or testing
  • Defined production process
  • Finalised ingredient list for packaging
  • Finalised nutritional information for your product labels
  • Ask as many questions as you like during the day!  You will have a full day with the food product development experts
Ready for an intensive day with the Froghop team to get your product ready for commercialising? Contact us to discuss your product and your goals.