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Food Founders Interview with Amy Moring of Hunter & Gather Foods

Helping people remove ultra-processed foods from their diet

Posted by Stephen Morris on 27 March 2024

Shocked by the additives and unrecognisable ingredients in so many products, Hunter & Gather help people cut out ultra-processed food.

Food Founders Interview with Mike Moore of Honestly Tasty - Plant-Based Cheese, Vegan Cheese

Honestly Tasty: Plant-based cheese loved by vegans and non-vegans alike

Posted by Stephen Morris on 27 February 2024

Learn how Mike Moore of Honestly Tasty created products like Bree, Shamembert and Blue and got listed with M&S, Ocado, specialists and more.

Froghop Food Founders Interview with Claudia Castellanos of Black Mamba Foods

‘Venomous’ products that taste good and do good

Posted by Stephen Morris on 31 January 2024

Find out how Black Mamba founder Claudia Castellanos is creating products that are good for you, the planet and the people that make them.

Froghop Food Founders Interview - Leonie Lynch, Juspy

Juspy’s Great Taste-ing functional goodness

Posted by Stephen Morris on 29 December 2023

Hear how Juspy founder Leonie Lynch created the product, built the brand, pivoted, found funding, got listings, won a Great Taste Award + more.

Food Founders Interview 30: Julia Kessler, Nix and Kix

Growing, funding and listing Nix & Kix’s refreshingly different drinks

Posted by Stephen Morris on 11 December 2023

Nix & Kix, the refreshingly different soft drinks, give people better options for the 3pm slump. Hear how founder Julia Kessler is doing it.

Froghop Food Founders Interview #29: The Free From Food Awards

Inside the Free From Food Awards

Posted by Stephen Morris on 30 November 2023

The Free From Food Awards are the UK’s only awards dedicated to free-free food and drink products and innovation. Hear all about the awards, how the free-from landscape has changed in that time and lots more with Cressida Langlands and Nicki Clowes.

Froghop Food Founders Interview - ep28 - Christopher Kong, Better Nature Tempeh

Better Nature Tempeh: Nutritious, tasty, sustainable and listed

Posted by Stephen Morris on 16 November 2023

Hear how Better Nature’s range of tasty, nutritious tempeh products has won listings in Tesco, Planet Organic, Selfridges, foodservice and more.

Oatsu Plant-Based Overnight Oats - Food Founders Interview with Lauren O'Donnell

Oatsu: From home kitchen to Holland & Barrett

Posted by Stephen Morris on 31 October 2023

Hear how Oatsu’s Lauren O’Donnell took her plant-based overnight oats from idea to Shopify, Holland & Barrett and a successful crowdfunder.

Innovating for children with severe allergies | Amy Langfield, Grow With Iris | Food Founders Interview

Grow With Iris: Innovating for children with severe allergies

Posted by Stephen Morris on 1 August 2023

Grow With Iris founder Amy Langfield’s innovation and business journey began when her daughter Iris was born with multiple severe allergies.

Food Founders Interview 25 - Jared Spencer - Riddim Snacks - Froghop

Riddim Snacks: Caribbean-inspired, Vegan and inclusive

Posted by Stephen Morris on 4 July 2023

Jared Spencer founded Riddim Snacks to authentically represent the stories, flavours and ingredients of the Caribbean. Listen in to discover how he’s achieving that goal.