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Food Trade Events 2022 List

Froghop’s calendar of food trade events 2022 to help product development and beyond.

Insights for Food Innovation - Slides

Process Docs & Checklists
Insights for Food Innovation with James Jesty (Slides)

James Jesty helps producers create products that have the best chance of connecting with consumers.

Food and drink trends with Harris and Hayes

Process Docs & Checklists
Food and Drink Trends 2021 (May): Slides

Lisa and Alexandra (aka Harris & Hayes) exploring some of the 2021’s key food and drink trends.

Packaging supplier checklist

Process Docs & Checklists
Packaging supplier sourcing and selection

Katie from InnovateToZero shared this checklist in her session on sourcing the right product packaging.

Due Diligence Checklist for food businesses

Process Docs & Checklists
Due Diligence Checklist

At some point, you’ll need provide specific details about your product. Use this checklist to get prepared.

Shelf-Life Testing Checklist

Process Docs & Checklists
Shelf-Life Testing

Make sure you’re prepared and informed to get the right testing for your product.

Food and drink product development process flowchart

Process Docs & Checklists
The product development process

Let us help you navigate the food and drink product development process.

Checklist: Food and drink product labels

Process Docs & Checklists
Food and drink product labels

Helps you understand what you could, must and should include in your product labels.

Product development batch sheet

Process Docs & Checklists
Product development batch sheet

Use this Batch Sheet to help you structure and manage your product development process.

Food or drink product brief form

Process Docs & Checklists
Creating your food or drink product brief

Use our form to get a clear definition of your product, requirements, claims and USP.