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What are functional foods?

What are functional foods and what do they mean for producers?

Posted by Melanie Loades on 29 June 2016

The functional foods sector is both significant and growing. What are functional foods, why are consumers interested and what does that mean for producers?

Tips for making free-from foods

5 tips for creating free-from food products

Posted by Melanie Loades on 27 May 2016

Free-from foods used to be an just for those with allergies. More and more people are choosing them so what do producers need to know about them?

KIckstarter food campaigns

4 interesting Kickstarter food campaigns

Posted by Melanie Loades on 11 April 2016

Checking out Kickstarter food campaigns is a great way to see the types of food and innovations that are bubbling up.

Beverage sector trends for 2016

5 beverage sector trends driving change in 2016

Posted by Melanie Loades on 8 March 2016

Some of the current beverage sector trends are really interesting at the moment – in terms of both what’s being added to and removed from beverages.

Claudi & Fin - Mumpreneurs - Tesco listing

Claudi & Fin ‘mumpreneurs’ get Tesco listing

Posted by Melanie Loades on 29 February 2016

Really pleased to see my client Claudi & Fin set to hit 440 Tesco stores from March.

Are startups driving new product development innovation?

Posted by Melanie Loades on 18 February 2016

Balancing innovation and speed-to-market is tough for all producers. But are startups at an advantage when it comes to new product development?

What is HACCP and how does it affect start-up food producers?

What is HACCP and how does it impact start-up food producers?

Posted by Melanie Loades on 26 November 2015

Start-up producers often ask ‘What is HACCP?’ and are intimidated by it. In this blog we explain HACCP and offer some recommendations for dealing with it.

Barbecue Science - What's happening on your grill?

Barbecue science: what’s happening on your grill

Posted by Melanie Loades on 12 May 2015

Knowing a little bit about barbecue science will impress your friends and family – and help you deliver even better food.