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Innovating for children with severe allergies | Amy Langfield, Grow With Iris | Food Founders Interview

Grow With Iris: Innovating for children with severe allergies

Posted by Stephen Morris on 1 August 2023

Grow With Iris founder Amy Langfield’s innovation and business journey began when her daughter Iris was born with multiple severe allergies.

Food Founders Interview 25 - Jared Spencer - Riddim Snacks - Froghop

Riddim Snacks: Caribbean-inspired, Vegan and inclusive

Posted by Stephen Morris on 4 July 2023

Jared Spencer founded Riddim Snacks to authentically represent the stories, flavours and ingredients of the Caribbean. Listen in to discover how he’s achieving that goal.

Froghop Food Founders Interview - Chris Crocker, GOOD KOFFEE

Buzz with or without the booze: GOOD KOFFEE’s social mixers

Posted by Stephen Morris on 30 May 2023

Inspired by the tastes and experiences he’d had travelling the world, Chris Crocker has created a range of exotic, delicious coffee mixers. Hear all about his journey and how the business is doing good too.

Froghop Food Founders Interview with Elaine Remy, Vie's Jamaican Rum Cakes

Rummy, Rummier, Rummiest: The evolution of Vie’s Jamaican Rum Cakes

Posted by Stephen Morris on 3 May 2023

Turning a beloved family recipe into a product was deeply personal for Elaine Rémy, founder of Vie’s Jamaican Rum Cakes. Baked in small batches in Cumbria to a traditional recipe, they’re generously infused with the finest Jamaican white rums. Listen to find out how the business came to be, how Elaine has balanced the business […]

Food Founders Interview with Tim Lennox of No 1 Living

Innovative drinks that put health and wellbeing first

Posted by Stephen Morris on 27 March 2023

Established by England rugby legend Jonny Wilkinson, No 1 Living creates delicious, living drinks for gut health and overall wellbeing.

Food Founders Interview podcast - Karen Green & Buyer-ology

Buyers, Selling and Buyer-ology with Karen Green

Posted by Stephen Morris on 28 February 2023

Being comfortable, even confident, with buyers and selling is key for founders. Karen Green has been on both sides and shares her experience. Find out more at

Food Founders Interview - Shopper Stalker Tessa Stuart

Secrets of the shopper stalker

Posted by Stephen Morris on 30 January 2023

What is ‘shopper stalking’ and what does it tell you about consumers, their habits, preferences and how they buy? Hear it all from Tessa Stuart.

Tasty snacks for gut, brain and immune health

Snacks that boost gut, brain, and immune health

Posted by Stephen Morris on 21 December 2022

Monica Martini left a career in architecture to launch Be100% – delicious snacks that boost gut, brain and immune health.

Food Founders Interview Podcast: Ep18 - Cornel Sampson, Revive

The wellbeing drink with a serious mission

Posted by Stephen Morris on 29 November 2022

Cornel Sampson founded Revive after turning to nature to boost his well-being and treat his aches and pains.

Launching Luxwells’ Great Taste Award-winning drinks

Posted by Stephen Morris on 30 October 2022

Luxwells Great Taste Award-winning infusions combine wellbeing, taste, refreshment and luxury. Hear from founder Kristal Baker on the podcast.